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Karen Chambers graduated in architecture from the University of Edinburgh in 1971. Her architectural experience includes working with the Greater London Council, and in private practice.

She returned to Edinburgh University in 1983 where she obtained a Masters Degree in Resource Management, specialising in urban forestry and recreation management

She joined PEFS Planners, Edinburgh in May 1985 as a Senior Consultant, acting as Project Manager for a wide range of environmental projects. She then became Associate Director with Northern Planners, Edinburgh where her experience in environmental issues was further developed, with a particular emphasis on urban and community forestry, environmental planning and research and resource management. During this time she was also responsible for research, scriptwriting and production of two films for the Countryside Commission's Community Forests initiative.

She founded Karen Chambers Associates in 1991, an association of independent environmental consultants with the specific aim of responding to the growing need for multidisciplinary environmental expertise. Core skills included resource management, forestry, ecology, landscape design and renewable energy. The practice delivered a wide range of projects for which she was personally responsible. During this time she was also part time lecturer in Ecology, for the Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture, at the University of Edinburgh and then at Heriot Watt University.

Following a period when a large proportion of her time was spent assisting the Millennium Forest for Scotland Trust, and with development of the practice more strongly into the area of interaction between people and their environment, she re-launched it under the name of Margin..

  • Editor of four environmental conferences, and one Forestry Commission Bulletin
  • Former Director of Seed in Time Ltd
  • Former Director and co-ordinator of Global ReLeaf UK
  • Former Editor of Urban Forests Magazine
  • Member of the Scottish Judging Panel for the Councils for Wildlife competition
  • Chair of the Steering Committee of the Councils for Wildlife Scotland Seminar.
  • Organised and chaired the Social and Environmental seminar and workshop at the second National Urban Forestry Conference.
  • Convenor of national conference on Lowland Forestry Initiatives
  • Organiser of seminar on wildlife policies for Scottish local authorities.
  • Member of the British Association of Nature Conservationists (BANC)
  • Member of Reforesting Scotland.
  • Articles and lectures.


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