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Film: Liquid Paradise - memories of 120 years of swimming in "the Pond"

Production of a documentary film, archive and photographic exhibition about a Victorian swimming pool in Edinburgh. This involved wide ranging interviews with local community members and pool users.

Film: Community woodlands

Production of a 20 minute video film on the benefits and practicalities of establishing a community woodland - for Central Scotland Countryside Trust.

Launch Video: Community Forests

Production of 20 minute film for the launch and promotion of the national Community Forests initiative. Presenter, Anne Greg

Delivery Video: Community Forests

Production of follow up video film targeted at the many individual projects contributing to the Community Forests initiative. Presenter, Chris Baines

TV Documentary: Arthur and the Lost Kingdoms

Production assistance on hour long STV documentary about King Arthur in the Borders.

Video Film: Otters and the Skye Bridge

Editing of 1 year of film footage of otters and other animals using a new underpass under the Skye Bridge to produce a 20 minute documentary for the Wildlife Partnership on behalf of the Scottish Executive.

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